I’m honored to dance with the West Texas Stars, raising awareness for the Crisis Center. This allows me to work hard and make a difference for others in our community. I will focus my efforts on domestic violence and bullying. Let’s Move and Help Others!
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    Libby Sharp

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    Carson Rosas

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    Good luck mom. I know you will do great. I love you!

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    Glynnettr Hale

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    Love ya lady! Best of the best is at work!

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    Tracie Hughes

    $25.00 / 37 days ago

    You are going to be great! I’ll be there cheering you on!

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    Gino Solla

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    Homemade Wines

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    Gino Solla

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    Cathy Long

    $20.58 / 44 days ago

    You are going to be great at this! Have fun and enjoy dancing.

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    Shannon Baker

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    You got this!

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    Heather Rosas

    $20.58 / 45 days ago

    Hey Momma, I love that your dancing and supporting the Crisis Center. 💜

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    Felicia Pierce

    $50.00 / 46 days ago

    You go girl!

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    Amy Martin

    $102.90 / 46 days ago

    We are so proud of you for taking the time and effort required to compete in this event, and can’t wait to be there to support you that night! With love from Greg and Amy!!❤️

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    Gino Solla

    $20.58 / 46 days ago

    I ask my Friends and Family to support my beautiful girlfriend for her participation in this event. She participates to help those who temporarily lack the ability to help themselves, isn't that what we West Texans do? Thank you, Gino Solla

About Yvonne Rosas

Yvonne was born in Michigan and moved here at the age of 13. As a spirited entrepreneur/philanthropist, she has owned three businesses, and served on several boards in our community. She adores her two adult children, Heather & Carson, and has an amazing partner, Gino Solla, director of Ector County Health Department. Yvonne is currently employed at the Odessa American as Marketing Consultant and is responsible for the Midland, Texas Territory.  She loves the challenge of chasing a good sale - you can bet this fuels her fire! Let’s Dance!

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